Made in Italy

The production and development cycle of VESVIUS fins is entirely carried out in Italy, Sorrento.

In our facilities, between the Gulf of Naples and Amalfi Coast, sea and mountains all meet together with beauty, history, and myths. This is where our very valuable craftsmanship blends with technology and innovation. Our main network suppliers of raw materials are certified ISO, their knowledge and professionality is part of the extra value of  Vesvius, ensuring quality, excellence, and uniqueness.

Research and Development

Vesvius fins are developped from the research for the best fibers, mainly advanced carbon fibers. 

These carbon fibers are pre-impregnated with high-toughness tetrafunctional epoxy resin by nanotechnologies. Our laminate curing system is unique in its kind, it comes from the highest standards of Formula 1 and aerospace technologies. The technology and equipment have been engineered and manufactured by the company, such as Vesvius Zero Voids. This innovative technology provides a full extraction of porosity and defects, ensuring the highest structural mechanical, and physical properties. The continuous research for high-quality and improvement of raw materials, along with the respect of its processing, make Vesvius fins a first-rate performance and trustworthy equipment.

Technology & Design

In our company, technology and design merge to create unique products in terms of excellence, beauty, and feelings. Vesvius products are completely handmade, assembled, worked, decorated, and finished with artisanal care, creating a valuable and tailored product.

Care of Detail

With the same care that Sorrentine artisans transform wood into art, Vesvius transforms raw-material into equipment of high technological characteristics by means of an innovative and controlled cycle.

Each single fin is followed throughout the production cycle, tracking and monitoring each parameter in order to get a reliable and high-quality final product.