Pro Series - Ultra Carbon Blades (pair) FINS + FOOTPOCKETS MARES

High strength fibers

Vesvius S.r.l.


The ULTRA CARBON series of 'ARENA blades are dedicated to those who turn apnea fishing into their lifestyle, looking for a versatile product for all kinds of seabeds, even in tight spaces.

With their 30° lean angle and small size, they optimize energy consumption especially in case of long distances, allowing stealthy movement during fishing.

All VESVIUS blades are totally designed and made in Italy, produced with VESVIUS ZERO-VOIDS technology. They are laminated by using carbon fibers prepregs, T700 high-strength.

The exclusive formulation of high-toughness epoxy resin, with its tetrafunctional effect and the combination with inorganic fibers, gives to the product an extraordinary strenght, resistance and versatility. 

The blades are fitted with VESVIUS V-SHAPE WATER RAILS to optimally stabilize the blades and direct the flow: their forked-shape tip improves the thrust, saving energies by reducing turbulent flows. 

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(UP TO 15m/49ft)


< 65 Kg
(up to 143 lbs)
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65-90 Kg
(145-200 lbs)
> 90 Kg
(>200 lbs)
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The suggested hardnesses may vary depending on your training,
ballast and sea conditions

Made in italy

100% Italian made, designed and engineered by our aerospace engineers, specializing in composite materials, ensuring maximum quality and performance. 

The unique and proprietary technology, together with the machines used in the production process, have been developed over years of experiences and researches, providing the highest standards of quality and technology.

Vesvius also employs Italian ISO-certified suppliers. 

V-Shape Water Rails

VESVIUS V-SHAPE WATER RAILS have a hydrodynamic profile. Together with the rough-surface back side blade, our water rails guarantee a proper and powerful water channelling, avoiding side-scrolling and roll effects, without modify the structure stiffness. The polymer ensures not only an excellent flexibility and blade-adhesion but it is also a recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly product, compared to the common used NBR rubbers.

30° Lean angle with wide radius

With their 30° lean angle and a wide radius of curvature, our blades allow to accumulate and release your energy in a self-control mode. These features optimize finning during ascent/go-down and at surface.

The early-start blade deflection ensures energy preservation, giving a more comfortable and light finning with the impact of damping vibrations lowered.


The high tensil strength VESVIUS HR-T700G fibers make 'ARENA blades a product with high mechanical properties. These fibers are combined with inorganic synthetic fibers used in the aeronautical field, to make 'ARENA blades a highly resilient product suitable for any use.

The VESVIUS HR carbon fibers and the particular inorganic fibers are pre-impregnated with tetrafunctional resins, produced by an ISO certified Italian manufacturing network.

Zero-Voids Technology

The ZERO-VOIDS technology has been developed and engineered by VESVIUS. 

The high pressure-high temperature process provides a full extraction of porosity and defects, ensuring the highest structural properties.

Our technology and materials come from Formula 1 and aerospace world, being unique in the field of apnea.

ZERO-VOIDS Vesvius technology overturns every rules, breaking limits and conventions.

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