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Our athletes

Gianmarco Giordano

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Apnea Academy Instructor, spearfisher

instagram: @gimmyapnea

Giovanni Scarpati

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Freediver, spearfisher, influencer

instagram: @g.g.spearfishing

Francesco Di Nunzio

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Freediver, spearfisher, professional soccer player

The choice of professionals

Vesvius blades are a product chosen by many professionals and sea lovers for quality, technology and innovation. The blades arise mainly from the search for the best carbon fibers and the continuous development of technologies, ensuring reliable equipment with unique performance. Every single blade is checked and tested to guarantee to the end user full satisfaction and safety.

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Proudly Engineered in Italy

Vesvius was created to support professionals and amateurs in the management of effort and breath, through the development and production of fins in advanced composite materials. The company combines passion, engineering, technology, reliability and comfort to ensure a unique experience of a superior level, always with the utmost reliability and always respecting nature. The small production facility, located in the splendid place of the Sorrento peninsula, allows our engineers and operators to be in constant contact with athletes and sea lovers, to transform the needs of the athlete into a high-tech product.